Spice up your date night– with a jar!

It’s the weekend! And in our home, that usually means having a date night! I am a firm believer that date nights are crucial to any marriage. It’s so easy to just want to curl up and veg out on the couch after a long work week, but setting time aside to reconnect with your honey is so worth it! But after having the weekly “dinner and a movie” for about a month, we started to get into a date night rut and wanted to change things up a bit. That’s when I came across this GREAT idea on Pinterest— creating a date-night-jar! Here’s how it works: Start with any jar. A mason jar will do just fine. I actually had a pretty tin sitting around that I used. photo 1 (3) Pick up some inexpensive popsicle sticks which can be found at any craft store. Michael’s happened to have some that were already colored which was perfect. However, if you can’t find any in this fashion, no worries– you can simply paint them! photo 1 (2) Just keep in mind you’ll need to select three colors (categories) for you popsicle sticks which will represent kind of date you’ll be going on: Yellow—An inexpensive night in Examples:

  • An “old movie night” watching black and white films
  • Playing a competitive board game
  • A Chopped Challenge where you select three ingredients and make a complete dinner using only what’s in your pantry

photo 4 Green—An event which requires a lot more planning and usually tends to be on the more expensive end Examples:

  • Visiting a wine vineyard
  • Going to see a Broadway show in the city
  • Taking a couples cooking class

photo 5 Pink— A night out of the house, but not as expensive or elaborate as a “green” date. Examples:

  • Drinks at our favorite wine bar “Rosie’s”
  • Miniature golfing
  • Coffee and dessert in town

photo 3 Come up with as many ideas as you want and write them on the appropriate popsicle sticks. Don’t be afraid to be creative and maybe a bit silly. The point of this is to have fun! And voila…you have a date jar full of wonderful thought free moments for you and your love to enjoy!

What about you? Any great date ideas or tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!



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