Reasons why today is AMAZING!!

1. It’s the first day of Spring!!! Yay to outdoor decor and gardening!!! Yay to warm weather and maxi dresses!!! Yay to no more snow!!! (Fingers crossed)


2. Free Rita’s water ice!!! Yay for obvious reasons!!!


3. This amazing bag I received from Mr. H!!!! I love the color! He did a GREAT job!!


4. Reason why I got this bag….It’s my Birthday! Only one exclamation point here because I’m now 27… and in my late 20s…I have mixed feelings about this as you can imagine.

I am so thankful be another year older and for all the wonderful things I hope to have in store. But common, what girl is happy about turning 27? I’m too old to become a Playmate, too old to be Miss America, and according to an article in my Drs office I have three years left before my ovaries begin to shrivel up. (Ok, the first two things were never actually goals of mine and I have plenty of friends who have had children well into their late 30s) But it’s the principle of these things!!

But another year older, another year wiser, right? Well so far, I’ve learned that if you pluck grey hairs, they come back twice as thick. I’ve also learned that 10pm is a respectable bed time and anyone who feels the need to stay up later is foolish.

But I think that the most important thing I’ve learned, is that it’s ok! All of these things I say I dread, I secretly love. I am becoming a woman who is establishing her place in this world with a wonderful husband, family and friends who love and support everything I do. Life is the best adventure anyone can take if you just stop and embrace the moments along the way.

So cheers to you, 27!!! Just save the wrinkles til next decade, ok??


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