Update: Dining Room Makeover

It’s official…my favorite room makeover in our house is our dining room! I am in absolute love with the color I chose (click here for the post discussing my inspiration and paint selection). Picking that was easy. Selecting our table/chairs, however, was a different story.

I knew I wanted a rustic table with upholstered chairs I saw on Pinterest.

Something like this…


Or this…


I searched several department stores and furniture galleries. I eventually had my eye set on a Pottery Barn table, but just could not get past the price tag.

Then, I found the perfect table for an even more perfect price. And you’ll never guess where I saw it…TJ MAXX!?!?! WHAT?? And the price? $400!!! A STEAL. I also found a tufted upholstered bench on CLEARANCE the next aisle over!!


I immediately told the store to hold it. It was mine!!–as soon as I figured out how the heck to get it home :-/ I knew there was no chance it would fit in our 4 door sedan, but our midsize SUV gave me hope 🙂 I rushed back to the house, told Mr. H about my amazing find, and headed back with our larger vehicle to bring this baby home! All I needed now were 4 chairs.


Well, the bargain gods must have been looking down on me because 2 days later, I found these treasures at… HOMEGOODS!!! I cannot begin to express how PERFECT these chairs were. I wanted 3 things in my dining chairs: upholstered and tufted , high backed, and studded in nail heads. Well these chairs absolutely NAILED IT 🙂 I was on a roll!

Here’s how they looked in the room:



The table accessories were also from HomeGoods :-). To finish off the room, we added a large mirror and two paintings that have followed us on 3 moves.

Here’s the way the room looked when we first moved in…


And here’s the way the room looks today:



I’m sooo pleased!! The room looks a lot more expensive than it actual is. I’m still looking for a wine cabinet/credenza of some sort (and you all already know where I’ll be going to look first!) I’m stamping this one a success 🙂 Now to host my first dinner party…



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